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Tara’s summer camps have become a tradition for many hockey families. We have had excellent feedback and success over the last 10 years.

Her camps are packed with 2 intensive on-ice sessions each day where players participate in Tara’s power skating sessions and also an on-ice skills training session. We also offer 2 structured off-ice sessions, one of which focuses on fitness and one that is a game environment.

Players are pushed to improve and are provided excellent instruction. We offer a structured program that is motivating and intense but very fun!!

On-Ice Program

Power Skating
Stride improvement: power position, correcting body mechanics, balance and stability, speed, endurance, power, edge control
Agility, Speed and Power: quick feet, transition skating/pivoting, lateral skating, turning, edge control, explosive start and stops, crossovers, acceleration.

Technical Skill Development
Puck Handling: puck control, agility skating with puck, acceleration and maintaining speed with puck, lateral movement with puck, transition skating with puck, power turns with puck, soft hands, passing, deking and deceptive moves.
Shooting: proper technique, wrist shot, backhand shot, slap shot, snap shot, establishing power, scoring tips, tipping, and rebounds.
Passing: proper technique, control, accuracy, timing

Off-Ice Program:

  • Stick Handling and Shooting Circuit
  • Explosive Power and Strength Circuit
  • Speed, Agility and Reaction Circuit
  • Stretching and Dynamic Warm Up
  • Team Games: European handball, Flag Football, Ball Hockey, Team Building Activities

What to Bring:

  • Full hockey equipment
  • Ensure skates are sharpened
  • Extra Stick for OFF ICE training
  • Water bottle for on-ice & off-ice
  • Nutritious lunch, and snacks for morning and afternoon
  • T-shirt, socks, shorts, running shoes, hat for off-ice training
  • Sunscreen and/or long sleeve shirt for off-ice sessions
  • Light rain jacket (we will not train outside if it is pouring rain but we will go outside in the case of light rain or rain showers without lightening)
  • Extra under gear for 2nd ice session

**Camp Jersey is provided to each player to keep

Each camper is also expected to bring with them…..Positive attitude, Willingness to learn Strong work ethic, Passion for hockey!

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Tara McKay is a member of the team for Gary Roberts High Performance Training (GRHPT).

Tara is the Power Skating Coach for Gary’s off-season training program for ELITE level and PRO players. Learn more.

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