Aurora Elite Boys Hockey Camps

Tara’s Elite Boys Summer Camp is designed for players competing at the A, AA and AAA levels. Players should already have a strong foundation for their respective ages. The camp will provide players with professional power skating and skills instruction. The camp will demand that players are hardworking and focused. We will provide a motivating, fun atmosphere while they improve their skills. We will incorporate small area game play into this camp.

Players must be accepted.  We streamline the skill level in order to run our program properly.  Please enroll for your age group and playing level.  No exceptions will be made for players playing below the A level for the REP camps.

Details of the On-Ice program are outlined below.  Each group has 4 days of 1.5 hours of on ice instruction Mon-Thurs.  I cannot accept partial registration.  Players must sign up for the full week (Mon-Thurs) to get the maximum benefit from the camp.

Location: Stronach Aurora Recreation Centre (SARC)


4 Day Camps
Fees: $240 + HST Total = $271.20

3 Day Camps
Fees: $180 + HST Total = 203.74

Payment: E-Transfer, cash, or cheque to Tara McKay High Performance Skating Inc.

Payments will be accepted in advance or on Day 1 of camp.
**Goalies half price**

* Note for U9 age group we are not currently accepting 2014 due to limited availability for camp spots) *

WEEK #1 July 26, 27, 28, 29


U10 & U11 AAA REGISTRATION CLOSED – not available for registration


U9 & U10 (2013 & 2012) REGISTRATION CLOSED


WEEK #2 Aug 3, 4, 5


U13 & U14 (2009 & 2008) REGISTRATION CLOSED


U11 & U12 (2010 & 2011) REGISTRATION CLOSED


WEEK #3 Aug 9, 10, 11, 12


U13 & U14 (2009 & 2008) REGISTRATION CLOSED


WEEK #4 Aug 16, 17, 18, 19


U9 & U10 (2013 & 2012) REGISTRATION CLOSED


U11 & U12 (2010 & 2011) REGISTRATION CLOSED



Power Skating

  • Stride improvement:power position, correcting body mechanics, balance and stability, speed, endurance, power, edge control
  • Agility, Speed and Power:quick feet, transition skating/pivoting, lateral skating, turning, edge control, explosive start and stops, crossovers, acceleration.

Technical Skill Development

  • Puck Handling:puck control, agility skating with puck, acceleration and maintaining speed with puck, lateral movement with puck, transition skating with puck, power turns with puck, soft hands, passing, deking and deceptive moves.
  • Shooting:proper technique, shot release, backhand shot, establishing power, proper mechanics, scoring tips, tipping, and rebounds.
  • Passing:proper technique, control, accuracy, timing

Small Area Games and Situational Play

  • Small Area Games to teach the following skills: transitioning from offence to defence, jumping on loose pucks, finding open ice, using teammates, communication, creating offence and scoring, proper defensive tactics and position, stick and body positioning
  • Battles, body positioning, angling: drills to learn proper body and stick position, skating tactics, compete level, board play and positioning, proper angling with skating speed and body
  • Offensive tactics: gaining space, 2v2, 1v1, 2v1, shooting position, scoring areas, tips rebounds, shots, skating tactics
  • Defensive tactics: angling, stick position, board play, skating tactics, body positioning and movement

What to Bring:

  • Full hockey equipment with Jersey
  • Ensure skates are sharpened
  • Labelled Water bottle for on-ice & off-ice
  • IMPORTANT **. Jerseys may be provided however, due to the last-minute nature of the organization of this camp, we may not be able to secure camp jerseys this year. Please bring a light and dark coloured jersey if possible

Aurora Summer Camp


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